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Reflections from 2023

Nov 21, 2023

As 2023 wraps up and enter the holiday season, it feels natural to reflect on the events of the year. This is a terrific opportunity to share why we are grateful. This is the second year of the Methapharm Respiratory Blog. We checked back with our authors from the past year, along with a few special peers in the respiratory diagnostic community, to hear what they are grateful for in 2023. What are YOU grateful for in 2023? A new medication, an innovative technology, an online seminar or conference, connecting with other respiratory therapists, a life-milestone? Please share, we would love to hear from you.

Beth Carney, MS, RRT, AE-C – January 2023This year, we have experienced some return to normalcy, but with that, challenges and increasing expenses. I am grateful, for my personal and career goals, that I was able to secure a second PRN position that gives me new experience with neonates. Also, working for a critical access hospital that serves a mostly Spanish-speaking population, it has pushed me to actively learn a second language. For our profession, I am extremely thankful that we have seen progress in the effort to create a compact license opportunity for respiratory therapists.  As this year ends, I am looking forward to short and long-term growth both personally and for our profession.

Heather Murgatroyd, BA, RRT – February 2023I am thankful to have a career which challenges me every day.  In my role I am continuously learning from my peers, research, along with the presentations of others.

Dana Evans, MHA, RRT, RRT-NPS, FACHE, FAARC, Respiratory Regional Director Advocate and Aurora Healthcare – I am grateful for the incredible work of Methapharm Respiratory in assisting us in adding Aridol for bronchoprovocation testing!  They made the process so simple and provided exceptional education and support to our teams!

Linda Nozart, MPH, BSRC, RRT, AE-C, CEO – March 2023For me this year, I was happy to see that there are more biologic treatment options for those with severe asthma. Especially ones that can be done at home. I always think about the social determinants of health and having access to quality asthma management resources. In high-risk areas sometimes things like lack of transportation and/or not being able to miss work for treatment can be a barrier, so now having self-administered biologics is a plus. Hopefully in the coming years they won’t be so expensive and everyone that needs them will have prescription coverage. 

Nathan Pounds, BS, RRT, AE-C – April 2023 As someone deeply passionate about education and the field of respiratory therapy, I am truly grateful for the newfound enthusiasm that has emerged in our profession, especially in my area. It’s heartening to see a resurgence of interest in respiratory therapy. I regularly meet with current and prospective students who are genuinely excited about the opportunity to acquire a lifelong skill set. This is precisely why I decided to return to college to become a Respiratory Therapist – to gain the essential skills required to save and enhance the lives of our patients. Reflecting on this year, my personal growth, and my involvement in the community, I am grateful for the dedicated team I work with. We share a common passion for excellence in our field and a commitment to improving the lives of individuals through education and skill development.

Vicki Rosette, MS RRT-ACCS RPFT Pulmonary Diagnostics, Inova Fairfax Hospital – I am grateful for support from and for our Respiratory Care community.  In 2023, colleagues within my Respiratory Care department, as well as multiple other departments at my facility, sister labs, and vendors, worked together to bring a four-year project to completion and implementation.  When you invest your purpose, time, and energy for so long, the conclusion is sweet indeed!

Sheila Mackie, RRTMay 2023As I reflect on 2023 and some of the struggles, I am very grateful for the release of the Provocholine solution, which is so helpful to pharmacies and PFT technicians to provide faster and more accurate testing for their patients.  Additionally, I am thankful to work with such passionate customers and a fantastic team whom I continue to learn from, become inspired by, and especially laugh with. 

 Kenny Harker, RRT, RPFT – August 2023I am grateful for first and foremost my team here at work. I have a wonderful group of RTs who are always patient centered and focused on delivering the best test they can for their patients. They are also wonderful to put up with me and to support me in the professional activities I get to do. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve as the new AARC Diagnostic Section Chair and to serve on the Michigan Board for Respiratory Care.

Karla Enderle, BS RRT – October 2023I’m thankful for my friends and family, and all our health, & happiness!

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